There is a more productive, economical way to connect Geoweb sections, especially when site conditions, location and size make using staplers difficult or inefficient.

The Presto ATRA® Key is a turn-key device designed to save installation time/cost on sites and eliminate the hassles of stapling. With one easy turn, ATRA keys are easier and faster than using staplers, allowing Geoweb sections to be connected nearly three times faster. They’re also three-times stronger than staples, giving a more secure and longer-term load-transfer connection.


  • Labor Savings: Laborers can work independently to connect Geoweb sections instead of requiring two laborers for stapling operations. Connection time with ATRA Keys is nearly three faster than stapling.
  • Equipment Savings: Eliminates the requirement and cost for air compressors and pneumatic staplers and the down-time expense of operating staplers in a construction environment.
  • Accessibility and Portability: Easy to work with on any grade and easy to transport to remote or difficult-to-access locations.
  • Safety: Eliminates worker injuries associated with jammed or misfired staplers.

ATRA Key Material: Inert polymeric material. Click to watch the demo video

The ATRA Key Advantage: Compare the results. Connecting Geoweb sections with ATRA Keys is three times faster than stapling. Click to watch the comparison video

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