Access soft ground to oil and gas sites, utility transmission lines or wind farms. Durable, reusable, and economical GEOTERRA® construction mats are ideal for site access, tracking pads and helipads. EQUIVALENT TO 12 INCHES OF AGGREGATE!

With a high crush and flexural strength, GEOTERRA mats deliver support to construction traffic and heavy equipment loads. Presto GeoTerra® mats offer contractors a better way to access sites with less cost. Just one pallet covers 200 sf, or an 8 ft. wide x 25 ft. long access road.

  • are far less costly than heavier mat systems (40-70%).
  • don’t require heavy handling equipment, are safer.
  • their high flexural strength performs well in soft soils.
  • are light-weight, easy to transport, and connect together either with the GTO bolt or Padloc® system to fit any site layout.
  • offer low-life-cycle cost; may be disassembled, removed and reused several times.