Innovative products for soil and surface stabilization

In addition to the proven SOILTEC geo cells (geosynthetics (PE-HD)), our product range also includes surface-mount systems, so-called lawn honeycombs, lawn grids or plastic grass grids (PP / PE-HD / PE-LD). The fundamental difference between the SOILTEC geocells and the surface mounting systems is the structure. SOILTEC geo cells are flexible, while surface mount systems are rigid. Within the rigid surface fixings we distinguish the following products: GeoRunner, GeoTerra and Soilblock. Common to these products is a grid-shaped structure. Differences result from the material height, screen ruling and the type of connection. These products are particularly suitable for porous, draining fixings and ensure a minimum of soil sealing.


The first innovative products were developed by PRESTO GEOSYSTEMS® as part of a partner project with the US Army Corps. As early as 1980, the technological foundation for today’s GEOWEB® geo-cells was laid.

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