Geosystems provides cost-saving solutions to common challenges in the mining industry with the Genuine GEOWEB® system. Rely on trusted quality soil stabilization solutions for diverse mining applications including load support, slope remediation, stormwater control, and vegetated earth retaining walls.

Benefits of Geoweb Site Access Roads

  • Stiff roadway structure reduces rolling resistance & speeds cycle times
  • Quick and easy to install with on-site crews and without specialized equipment. Geoweb sections are easy to transport even to remote locations
  • High-strength 3-D structure confines infill, reduces base requirements by up to 50%
  • Confined material requires less grading. One highly-trafficked Geoweb oil lease access road has not required grading since installation, over 30 months!
  • Use of local infill reduces the cost and transportation of materials to the site
  • ATRA® keys are the safe, quick and easy way to connect Geoweb sections