GEOWEB® roadways provide a proven, economical solution for site access. The system’s 3D structure confines aggregate, reduces rutting and maintenance and has a minimal negative environmental impact.

GEOWEB® logistic areas provide an all-year round assembling and off-load area. Avoid down-times due to high traffic with rainwater impact and being ready in-time.


  • reduces overall cross section of aggregate compared to 2D systems; may allow use of on-site or waste fill soils.
  • provides a stable driving surface, even over soft ground
  • requires minimal maintenance
  • reduces environmental impacts on subgrade soils
  • can be used under cranes for tower and turbine placement
  • transports easily and deploys quickly

Our designs are proven by a huge number of in-situ tests on Windfarm access roads. On behalf of SOILTEC the tests has been carried out by the TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY CLAUSTHAL, Germany.

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