The GEOWEB system has been integrated in infrastructure design solutions for over 30 years, beginning with a cooperative effort with the US Army Corps of Engineers to stabilize beach sand for military vehicle access. Today, the system delivers long-term and economical solutions to many soft soil challenges in the design and construction of roadways, railways, yards, and stormwater control applications.

The GEOWEB load support system creates a variety of surfaces for unpaved roads and parking areas ranging from occasional auxilliary lightweight parking and trail areas to heavy-weight emergency and maintenance vehicle access to continuous use unpaved access roads.

  • Through aggregate confinement and superior load distribution, the GEOWEB® system reduces cross sectional thickness by as much as 50% over soft or non-supportive soils.
  • GEOWEB parking lots are inexpensive porous pavement alternatives to pervious concrete and porous asphalt.
  • GEOWEB roadway systems are easy to deploy and install and may allow the use of local or onsite gravels and sands.