GEORUNNER® Surface Protection Mats are portable, economical and drivable construction mats. Their light weight (8 lbs.), easyto-handle size makes them ideally suited for transporting and deploying on construction sites.


GEORUNNER® mats minimize turf damage and soil compaction caused by light-to-medium loads from pedestrians, equipment and vehicles. The mats reduce mud tracking from construction site
entrances and bridge over sandy areas for lightweight access of vehicles, wheelchairs or foot traffic.


  • Preferred over plywood because they can be quickly removed from sites, cleaned, stored and reused many times. Will not wet or dry rot.
  • When left in place, supports dense, stabilizing grass growth through the open design.
  • The open mesh allows sunlight and water to permeate, maintaining healthy turf.

GEORUNNER® Key Applications

  • Lightweight Temporary or Permanent Applications
  • Construction Vehicles & Landscape Equipment Access over Turf or Sandy Areas
  • Barrier-Free Access
  • Concentrated Foot Traffic
  • Sports Fields, Sidelines
  • Storage Pads for Boats and Trailers