The GEOWEB® Channel & Shoreline Protection System stabilizes and protects channels exposed to erosive conditions of all types and can be designed with appropriate infill types to withstand even the highest velocities.

  • Vegetated Protection: Replaces costly, higher-maintenance rip-rap with lower maintenance, less expensive, stabilized vegetation. Effective in low-flow channels and when low-to-high intermittent flows occur. With a TRM, the vegetated GEOWEB® system can withstand velocities as high as 30 ft/sec (9m/sec). Ideal for drainage ditches, swales and stormwater channels.
  • Aggregate Protection: Aggregate confined in the GEOWEB® system is far more stable than when unconfined. As a result, rather than using large, difficult to handle rip-rap, smaller and less expensive infill can be used in low-to-challenging flow conditions.
  • Concrete Hard-Armor Protection: Concrete-filled GEOWEB® structures are ideal for channels exposed to severe hydraulic stresses. Concrete is poured in the structure onsite, creating an easy-to install, flexible yet hard-armored system that is less costly than pre-formed concrete systems.
  • Multi-Layered Protection: GEOWEB® multi-layered, vegetated channels create natural living retaining walls that can withstand high flows for short durations. They tolerate differential settlement while maintaining their structural integrity, and are quicker and easier to install than typical block systems.