Tiered GEOWEB® Retaining Wall Systems are designed for natural aesthetics, and their beneficial advantages are realized with site constraints and less-than-ideal site conditions.

The GEOWEB® system creates economical and structurally sound retaining walls that perform well when exposed to differential settlement in soft-soil environments. In fact, GEOWEB® retaining walls have been exposed to severe earthquakes without sustaining damage. Depending on the design, GEOWEB® retaining walls may be constructed with or without geosynthetic reinforcement layers.

The GEOWEB® retaining wall system’s open-celled horizontal terraces create a natural environment for sustainable vegetation. The vegetated system allows rain water to collect through the wall fascia, minimizing runoff. The highly permeable wall surface is a natural Low Impact Development (LID)/Best Management Practice (BMP) for reducing runoff and managing stormwater on site.


  • Use of less expensive on-site infill materials saves cost.
  • Construction productivity improvements speed up project completion.
  • Compact and lightweight sections are easier to handle, transport and construct, even in difficult access or remote locations.
  • Steepened Slopes
  • Geocomposite Retaining Walls
  • Gravity Walls
  • Multi-layered Channel Systems