GEOTERRA® Construction Mats offer contractors a better way to access sites with less cost. The mats are durable and reusable and eliminate the installation safety hazards and expense associated with classic timber or heavy mat systems. They have high flexural strength, are lightweight, and easy to transport and deploy. Two styles meet differing site demands:

  • GEOTERRA® PADLOC® locking system
  • GEOTERRA® GTO bolt tight system


GEOTERRA® mats create an economical ground surface-reinforcement layer that supports vehicle and equipment loads. Their lighter weight reduces transportation costs, especially when deploying to difficult-to-access locations. They are extremely cost-effective compared to other mat systems.

  • High Structural Strength: Supports heaviest loads over soft subgrades.
  • Design Flexibility: Compatible with other filter or drain products.
  • Low Environmental Impact: Convenient reusability; allows total removal and reclamation of a site.
  • Portability & Reusability: Reduces handling, transportation and life cycle costs.
  • Light & Safe to Deploy: Reduces on-site injury potential.
  • Construction Flexibility: Can customize mat layout to site needs.

GEOTERRA® Key Applications

  • Site Protection Mats
  • Site Access & Tracking Pads
  • Oil Drilling Platforms & Roadways
  • Wind Farm Roadways & Staging Areas
  • Large Construction Pads
  • Heavy Vehicle & Equipment Storage
  • Tower Construction using Heavy Cranes
  • Utility & Cemetery Access
  • Helipads